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Custom spider clip art design

Custom design options

Custom design and editing services are available for a minimum fee of $20. This fee covers basic changes made to existing catalogue products, such as color changes, image rotations, and others. Complicated and time consuming custom changes will incur a larger fee, however, we do our best to keep these fees as low as possible. When sending us a custom design request please make sure it is clear and concise. Once your request is received we'll send over a price quote on the work, along with payment details.

It should be noted that any custom changes made to an existing catalogue product will not make it exempt from our strict terms of use policy. While we are more than willing to make these changes for an additional service fee, these modified products are still fully owned by us. Please do not request modifications to our existing products if your intent is to establish copyright ownership over them. We offer exclusive rights products for anyone that requires complete copyright or trademark control over their digital graphics.

Please email all custom design inquiries to info@spiderclipart.com